Server presentation

Welcome to Cazic-Thule99 server !

Cazic-Thule99 (CT99) is another classic Everquest server. Server is still under construction, and we are looking for staffs, testers, guides.

This server is an alternative to Project 99 (note : i don't denigrate P99 server, which i thank for bringing me back to 1999 EQ's year and i salute all the work they put in).

I played classic Everquest since the beginning until Luclin expansion, on Terris-Thule server with Dwarec Mercs guild. I stopped right before Plane of Power came out. At this moment my love for Everquest was on the wane. Disliking Luclin models and the EC tunnel's death.

So i decided to create my own server with differents rules, like boxing (unlike P99).

CT99 is playable with all everquest client but is optimized for RoF2 client.

This is a free to play server and in no case real money trading (RMT) is allowed.

Just having fun and play nice policy.

Consult the different sections especially "Rules" section.